Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To: Make A Celine Inspired Cuff Bracelet

- Beer bottle (the narrower, the better)- Tile (to bake on)- Oven or toaster oven- Paintbrush- Acrylic roller or rolling pin (or substitute- try a bottle, marker, whatever you have)
1. I used 1.5oz, or 3/4 of a standard sized block. Start by conditioning your clay. (If this is the first time you’re using polymer clay, read up on the basics here first.)
2. Use your rolling pin to create a flat strip that’s about 4-5 inches long (depending on your wrist size) and 2 inches wide.
3. Trim off any jagged edges along the length of the cuff. Then trim each side to give a slight curve to the ends.
4. Use your fingers and rub along all of the cut edges to round them out. The finished look is an organic shape so work the clay to eliminate any hard edges. Be patient! Also rub out any fingerprints or other dings.
5. Pick up the cuff and drape it over your wrist to ensure it’s the correct size.
6. Wrap the clay around the beer bottle for baking. To get an ‘organic’ shape, don’t lay the clay completely flat to the glass. Allow for some waves and ripples in the clay.
7. Turn the bottle sideways and lay it on your ceramic tile for baking. I used a small piece of scrap clay on either side of the bottle to keep it from rolling around.
8. Bake according the the instructions on your clay. Mine took 30 minutes at 275F.
9. After baking, remove the bracelet from the bottle. Use a paintbrush (mine was foam) to coat with Minwax Polycrylice to get a glossy finish.
10. Wear and enjoy!


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